The ECCOE project has established a set of Quality criteria for credential description as well as a Model of Digital Credential template providing the most important data about the learning opportunity to be recognised by a given credential. Now the ECCOE consortium is organising an Open public consultation to receive feedback and open comments from all stakeholders involved in open, online and flexible Higher Education, to assess the appropriateness of the new digital credential for a valid and successful credentialisation process and the recognition of learning results.

The Open public consultation will be held online in asynchronous manner from October 19th, 2020, until February 1st, 2021.

ECCOE Open Public Consultation on the Model Digital Credential template

ECCOE Open Public Consultation on the Model Digital Credential template

We kindly invite you to review the Model Digital Credential template and to provide feedback to the ECCOE consortium. In particular we would like to know whether you consider that a given credential is credible, and whether the metadata available in digital credential form provides sufficient information necessary to validate the competences and/ or learning outcomes of a learner for a successful process of recognition.

STEPS for the review

  1. Download the Model Digital Credential template and try to establish a “fictional” new digital credential on behalf of your institution “issuing” a credential for an open and online course or short learning programme.
  2. Download (.xlsx)

    Here is the link to video demonstration.

  3. If you have trouble selecting or understanding the descriptors, here you can find a reference vocabulary. Link to the vocabulary.
  4. Have you filled in the Model Digital Credential form? Then we kindly ask you to provide your comments and feedback on each part (Part 1 – Part 5) on this page bellow. Your feedback and comments will be taken into consideration by the ECCOE project consortium to improve the Model Credential template and also to update the quality descriptors.
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Part 1: Information about learner and course

Questions                                                        1: Most relevant  2: Relevant  3: Not so relevant  4: Not relevant at all                                           5: I have no opinion
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