Control and replan using Earned Value and Risk (Polimi Open Knowledge)

Project Management is a fundamental theme to understand and work in any business environments. Once projects are properly planned, the job of a Project Manager is just started. Indeed, PMs need to properly control, re plan, and manage risks during the execution of the project. During the course, the Earned Value Management System – the standard and most diffused technique to properly manage time and cost in a project – is presented. In doing so, the concepts of BCWS (the time-phased budget), the BCWP (the earned value) and ACWP (the actual costs of what has been performed) are introduced along with the main indicators that help managers in taking decision on how to replan the projects according to the estimation at completion. Finally, the main approaches to identify and manage risks are introduced along with the closing phase.


Learn how to control projects, adjusting the plan during the project and managing risks.

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