Corporate Management 4.0 with Governance, Risk and Compliance

This course is based on the German course “Unternehmensführung 4.0 mit Governance, Risk und Compliance” and contains the most important topics / core topics of the German course.

1) Introduction: “At a Glance and Overview”: The facts a1) Introduction: “At a Glance and Overview”: The facts and the story
2) “Doing the right thing correctly“: The Prudent Businessman 4.0
3) Mitigating effects on liability and other value contributions of a digitized Integrated management system 4.0
4) Which management system(s) and how many standards for digitization and GRC does the manager need?
5) Terms that the “Prudent Businessman” and his employees need to know
6) What does digitization of business processes and enrichment with GRC methods and tools mean?
7) Company, environment, interested parties, risk and SWOT analyses: Everyone wants the same thing: No weakness in digitization and GRC
8) “Ready for takeoff”: The new tone from the top in the “Corporate Airship”
9) Governance: Interaction of corporate bodies, conscientious corporate governance and supervision
10) New goals in a new world
11) (Digitization) Vision / goals / strategy / planning
12) “Why does it often not work?”: Homo irrationalis versus fit & proper: Behavioral economics and business psychology

This course in the area of "Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Corporate Management 4.0" provides fundamental knowledge and skills regarding future practical requirements.

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Type of providerHE Institution
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Learning opportunity typeMOOC
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Workload in hours16
Admission procedureHigher Education enrolment
Type of credentialOpen Badge
ISCEDF Code0488 - Interdisciplinary programmes involving broad field 04
Education subjectLaw
Learning settingsnon formal learning
Learning outcomeapply risk management processes
Identify risks and apply a risk management process, e.g. hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).
Related skill
Learning outcomeimplement corporate governance
Apply a set of principles and mechanisms by which an organisation is managed and directed, set procedures of information, control flow and decision making, distribute rights and responsibilities among departments and individuals, set corporate objectives and monitor and evaluate actions and results.
Related skill
Assessor typeautomated
Assessment formatquiz
Awarding opportunitycertificate of participation
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