Customer Experience Management with Salesforce Training

Create competitive advantage in the digital economy with CX and CRM

Customer experience is the new battleground where digital brands and businesses must differentiate themselves in the market.

As a result, what was once an acceptable experience is quickly outdated, as benchmark expectations continue to rise.

Organisations must work harder than ever to empathise with customers, develop customer experience and success management strategies, and use customer relationship management (CRM) technology to establish and automate customer interactions to deliver value at scale.

Launch your career in customer experience management

A strong understanding of CX strategy, design, and CRM technology is crucial for all customer success managers, as well as strategy, product, marketing, and business development professionals.

In just 12 weeks, industry experts will teach you best-practice customer experience design and success strategies that will enable you to unlock critical value for any digital brand or business.

As well as providing evidence of your digital expertise to employers, this credential will give you the design and technical capabilities to design, implement and optimise CX and customer-success strategies.

You’ll learn how to map customer journeys, optimise customer experience, design, and plan customer success strategies, as well as establish the world’s leading CRM platform to enable tech-driven success.

Fastrack your career with Salesforce training

The CRM platform is the enabler of large-scale customer success.

In this microcredential you’ll learn how to use the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce, to automate and maximise CX and customer-success strategies you design.

Building these expertise will position you well within industry. The huge growth of market-leading CRM platform, Salesforce, is resulting in a dramatic Salesforce CRM skills and credentials shortage, with a 4:1 job to qualified candidate ratio.

What can I do with this microcredential?

In the 2019 Salesforce Economy Forecast, it was found that Salesforce would create up to 143,000 jobs in the UK and over £51 billion in new business revenue. Currently, a trained customer success manager can demand upwards of £40,000 per annum in the UK.

This credential will ensure you’ll learn how to use Salesforce to implement and manage business-critical CX and success strategies and position yourself as an invaluable professional in the digital economy.

You’ll be prepared to take on the Salesforce Administrator certification and take the next step in your CRM career.

This microcredential meets the standards set by the Common Microcredential Framework.

Attract, retain and engage customers. Drive commercial value using CX design, analytics and the latest in CRM technology.

Provided ByThis microcredential is in collaboration with Salesforce and validated by Coventry University
Type of providerMOOC provider
Provided atonline
Learning opportunity typeMOOC
Home page
Start date2021-03-22
End date2021-06-14
Workload in hours150
Admission procedureHigher Education enrolment
Price details864
AssessmentsComplete online tutor-marked project-based assessments
Type of credentialGeneric
ISCEDF Code04 - Business, administration and law
Learning settingsnon formal learning
Learning outcomeCustomer experience design
Learning outcome typeskill
Reusability levelcross-sector skills and competences
Learning outcomeCustomer journeys
Learning outcome typeskill
Learning outcomeEmpathy maps
Learning outcome typeskill
Learning outcomeCustomer value strategies
Learning outcome typeskill
Learning outcomeCustomer success management
Learning outcome typeknowledge
Reusability levelcross-sector skills and competences
Learning outcomeCRM technologies
Learning outcome typeskill
Reusability levelcross-sector skills and competences
Learning outcomeSalesforce
Learning outcome typeknowledge
Reusability levelsector specific skills and competences
Learning outcomeRelationship management
Learning outcome typeknowledge
Reusability levelcross-sector skills and competences
Assessor typeTeacher
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