Data Skills for Global Development Training Programme

The quantity and forms of data available globally is increasing exponentially and global development is amongst the areas seeking to harness its potential. Human capacity and judgement is critical at all stages of data work. This course has been designed to help learners develop their data skills in order to make a difference in global society and is open to anyone with an interest in learning about how data and data skills can contribute to global development. It is likely to be of particular interest to early career global development professionals/job seekers and higher education students studying social science related disciplines.

This course forms part of an Erasmus+ project Development Counts: Data Skills for Global Development Research Project which was co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union under grant agreement 2019‐1‐UK01‐KA203‐061973.


This course has several objectives, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • To increase awareness of the importance of data skills in jobs held by social sciences graduates.
  • To facilitate learners to acquire skills related to searching, preparing and analysising data.
  • To enable learners to share results through effective data visualization and communication aimed at non-specialists.


The programme is made up of 5 modules:
1) Opening the Appetite: This module presents how data skills are used in global development, as well as career possibilities of using data in this sector.
2) Assembling the Ingredients: This module describes the most frequent types of data social researchers work with, as well as how to access data and evaluate its quality.
3) Preparing the Meal: This module explains what data visualization is and the main techniques used to analyse quantitative data.
4) Digesting the Meal: This module focuses on how to communicate your results, particularly to non-specialists, and ensure they is used for high quality decision making.
5) Still Hungry: This module presents existing possibilities to further develop your data skills and it’s use in global development

Evaluation system

The course consists of self-assessment exercises. The user must reach the cut-off mark to be able to process the accreditation for the course. The certificate option will only be available up to one month after the end of the course. After this date it will no longer be possible to process certificate requests.

This course is also available in Spanish and Turkish.

Provided ByUNED Abierta
Type of providerHE Institution
Provided atonline
Learning opportunity typeMOOC
Home page
Start date2022-02-14
End date2025-05-31
Workload in hours25
Admission procedureOpen to all
Price detailsFree registration and access to all materials + free open badge + paid certificate of participation (15€/ 40€)
AssessmentsSelf-evaluation tests
Type of credentialCertificate of participation
ISCEDF Code032 - Journalism and information
Education subjectSocial sciences, Labour relations and Cooperation
Learning settingsnon formal learning
Learning outcome typeKnowledges
Learning outcome typeKnowledges and skills
Assessor typeSelf-evaluation
Assessment formatTest/ Quiz

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