Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence

Learn about how artificial intelligence is affecting our everyday life and how it will change the way we work.

Provided ByAccenture Digital Skills
Type of providerMOOC provider
Provided atFutureLearn
Learning opportunity typeMOOC
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Workload in hours6
Admission procedureOpen to all
Type of credentialOpen Badge
ISCEDF Code0619 - Information and Communication Technologiesn.e.c.
Education subjectIT
Learning settingsnon formal learning
Learning outcomemachine learning
The principles, methods and algorithms of machine learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence. Common machine learning models such as supervised or unsupervised models, semi- supervised models and reinforcement learning models.
Related skill
Learning outcomeprinciples of artificial intelligence
The artificial intelligence theories, applied principles, architectures and systems, such as intelligent agents, multi-agent systems, expert systems, rule-based systems, neural networks, ontologies and cognition theories.
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Assessor typeautomated
Assessment formatquiz
Awarding opportunitycertificate of participation, CPD certificate
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