Educational leadership

In this MOOC you will learn to understand the nature of Finnish educational leadership and education policy’s status and function in Finnish society.

You will also understand the significance of educational leadership in educational systems.

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After this course: have a basic understanding of educational leadership in the Finnish society recognize the significance of educational leadership in all societies realize that Finland is not that different and that something that has been done in Finland can be done everywhere else as well have yourself the readiness to act as an educational leader for the nation and future building.

Provided ByUniversity of Jyväskylä
Type of providerHE Institution
Provided atonline
Learning opportunity typeMOOC
Home page
Start date2021-01-13
End date2021-06-30
Workload in hours27
Admission procedureHigher Education enrolment
Price details15 Euros for Certificate
Type of credentialCertificate of participation
ISCEDF Code011 - Education
Education subjectLeadership
Learning settingsformal learning

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