Foundations to Open Education and OERs repositories

Open education and open educational resources are deeply influencing and transforming the educational environment. This course offers a practitioner’s view of open education, open educational resources, repositories and applications for educators and professionals.

This 5-week course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which open education and open educational resources are changing the rules of education. The purpose of the course is to help faculty and professionals dedicated to education to understand the advantages of open education and how they can apply it to their everyday teaching.

This course is developed under the Sponsor and Leadership of the IEEE Education Society including teachers and colleagues from UNED, Vigo University, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Miguel Hernandez University, Universidad de Murcia, (Spain) and Northumbria University, (UK) an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA). This course is endorsed by IUED (Instituto Universitario de Educación a Distancia) of UNED and CUED (UNESCO Chair in Distance Education).

The next edition of the course will be in 2023 in UNED Abierta platform:

Provided ByUNED Abierta
Type of providerHE Institution
Provided atonline
Learning opportunity typeMOOC
Home page
Workload in hours25
Admission procedureOpen to all
Price detailsFree registration and access to all materials + free open badge + paid certificate of participation (15€/ 40€)
AssessmentsSelf-evaluation tests
Type of credentialCertificate of participation
ISCEDF Code011 - Education
Education subjectOpen Education
Learning settingsnon formal learning
Learning outcome typeKnowledges and skills
Assessor typeSelf-evaluation
Assessment formatTest/ Quiz

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