Geo tools for employability (Portfolio MYGEO)

This course is part of an Erasmus+ project called MYGEO (

The aim of the course is to enhance employment on GIS using a MYGEO portfolio.

What you will learn

  • GIS Theory
  • Data source and storage
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Geo-tools
  • Geospatial visualization
  • Geo-apps


Module 1: GIS, how did it change my professional life? GIS theory.
Module 2: How can i change the world using GIS? Data source and storage, data coming from direct and indirect information.
Module 3: Is my data really valid? Data maintenance, data protection and integrity.
Module 4: Where do i obtain data for “the where”? Data coming from GPS, drone, radiometer, spectral camera… And performing data corrections as needed.
Module 5: What do you know about spatial analysis? Spatial analysis.
Module 6: Atractive geotools… are they possible? Geo-processing.
Module 7: How can I visualize my data? Visualization and map viewers.
Module 8: Will mobile apps help me to get a job? Geo-applications and programming


Since this MOOC is a course that requires practical tasks, the evaluation of transversal and GIS skills will be carried out through seven deliverables, corresponding to Modules 2 to 8. Details about uploading deliverables in Geonode can be found hereTwo questionnaires, one initial and one final after following all modules, is also a mandatory requirement to obtain the course certification.


The same course can be done Italian, German, and Spanish.

Provided ByUNED Abierta
Type of providerHE Institution
Provided atonline
Learning opportunity typeMOOC
Home page
Start date2022-01-20
End date2022-12-20
Workload in hours50
Admission procedureOpen to all
Price detailsFree registration and access to all materials + free open badge + paid certificate of participation (15€/ 45€)
AssessmentsSelf-evaluation test for every module + Two questionnaires
Type of credentialCertificate of participation
ISCEDF Code0613 - Software and applications development and analysis
Education subjectGeodata- SIG o GIS (Sistema de Información Geográfica- Geographical Information System)
Learning settingsnon formal learning
Learning outcomeGeo tools for employability (Portfolio MYGEO)
Improve employment on GIS (Geographical Information System) using a MYGEO portfolio
Learning outcome typeKnowledges and skills
Assessor typeSelf-evaluation
Assessment formatTest/ Quiz

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