Higher Education 4.0: Certifying Your Future

Explore new university accreditation models and pedagogical approaches

This course explores the changing nature of higher education through the lens of the ECIU University initiative.

On this three-week course, you’ll reflect on major educational trends impacting higher education today and consider how universities can be ‘future-fit’ in our increasingly digital world.

You’ll also evaluate how higher educators, policy-makers, and governments should respond beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

Social, technological, and employment trends and innovation are all significantly impacting the higher education sector today.

You’ll explore the challenges these changes pose, as well as how they’re shaping the European Skills Agenda – a five-year skills development plan for individuals and businesses based on strengthening sustainable competitiveness, ensuring social fairness, and building resilience in crises.

Discover emerging higher education pedagogies

You’ll study new and emerging pedagogies, and learn how they can be used to better prepare today’s students for the workplace.

You’ll also gain expert insight into authentic, learning-centred approaches, including how they can be used to provide efficient and effective frameworks for deep, meaningful, and impactful new forms of learning.

Explore new approaches to higher education

The rise of microcredentials is recognising diverse skills and providing new pathways for lifelong learning.

You’ll consider why traditional credentials are no longer entirely fit for purpose, and identify the value and potential of these new shorter offerings.

The final sections of the course will ask you to examine cases and examples of how ECIU partner universities are responding to embrace transformative disruptions and explore new digital learning models.

Explore what the future holds for higher education and discover the new educational models and pathways for 21st Century learners.

Provided ByDublin City University, Dublin, Ireland
Type of providerHE Institution
Provided atonline
Learning opportunity typeMOOC
Home pagehttps://www.futurelearn.com/courses/higher-education-certifying-your-future
Start date2021-03-08
End date2022-03-28
Workload in hours15
Admission procedureOpen to all
AssessmentsThe pre-condition of earning a Certificate of Achievement is to complete at least 90% of the steps on the course.
Type of credentialGeneric
ISCEDF Code0113 - Teacher training without subject specialisation
Learning settingsnon formal learning
Learning outcomeExplore the importance and challenges of defining new future skills
Learning outcomeExplore how to assess the quality, scalability and credibility of various types of credential
Learning outcomeExplore diverse perspectives on these future challenges and the demands for new, flexible forms of certified learning
Learning outcomeConsider how to conceptualise these skills in a changing world, including the possibility of micro-credentials as representations of new forms of learning
Learning outcomeLearn about innovative and applied case studies from DCU, at which a learning-centred pedagogical model has been designed and implemented
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