Improve your presentation skills

During this course on the design and delivery of presentations, you will learn how to keep people engaged. You’ll discover visual techniques that allow you to convey a message with a positive emotional impact, and create appealing and modern slides to inspire your audience.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create presentation slides using best practices in graphic design.

  • Deliver a successful presentation to an audience.

You will be eligible to get a certificate of achievement. when you will successfully complete a course, get a final score greater than or equal to 70% on all of the course exercises.

Provided ByZ-OpenClassrooms
Type of providerPrivate provider-International initiative
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Learning opportunity typeMOOC
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Start dateNo data available
End dateNo data available
DurationNo data available
Workload in hours6 hours of self study
Admission procedureHigher Education enrolment
Price detailsNo info
AssessmentsNo data available
Type of credentialLearning Activity
ISCEDF Code00 - Generic programmes and qualifications
Education subjectNo data available
Learning settingsformal learning
Learning outcomesNo data available
Related skillS1.0.0 - communication, collaboration and creativity
Assessor typeNo data available
Assessment formatNo data available
Awarding opportunityNo data available

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