Introducing safety culture and its application to the nuclear field (NOOC I)

The concept of safety culture is an absolutely necessary issue, when it comes to recognize and manage risks.

There are many definitions for culture, and along this Nano-MOOCs we will explain the common and most important features that support a strong safety culture. We will enhance our learning experience by showing industry experiences, and also engaging activities will be proposed to reach a complete understanding of what is safety culture.

This is the first part of a serie of 3 NOOCs, which are conceived as a first contact with the safety culture in all areas to continue, then, deepening in more specific concepts in the nuclear field. In order to establish a good safety culture and nuclear safety culture, aligned leadership is necessary. All these aspects will be worked in a dynamic, different and participative way, in which collaborative learning will be a key aspect. The goal of the MOOCs is to ensure that students, industry workers and any person interested, know and transmit the safety culture and its importance.

At the end of the MOOCs, the participants will be able to understand and explain the aspects related to human behaviour and its management to achieve a strong safety culture. These general concepts will be focused to the nuclear industry and its differentiating characteristics.The MOOCs structure includes three independent NOOCs (Nano Open Online Courses).

      • NOOC I. What is Safety Culture? 10h. (This course)
      • NOOC II. Understanding Nuclear Safety Culture. 10h
      • NOOC III. Developing leadership for safety. 5h

Learning Objectives of NOOC I

  • Identify the main features of the safety culture
  • Analyze the risks associated with jobs and situations
  • Apply the lessons learned from the case study on safety
  • Know the main models of safety culture
  • Evaluate the importance of organizational culture in safety
  • Observe the evolution of the safety


  1. Presentation
  2. Risk management
  3. Safety culture
  4. Organizational safety culture
  5. Evolution: Safety I to Safety II

The first edition of these MOOCs were part of the courses offered and funded within ANNETTE project, led by ENEN (European Nuclear Education Network), and funded by Euratom, a complementary research and training programme for nuclear research and training within Horizon 2020 European Research Projects.

This permanent edition of the course is an in-kind contribution of Tecnatom and UNED to the sustainability of the first edition. As being a permanent edition, no teaching assistance is foreseen.

Provided ByUNED Abierta
Type of providerHE Institution
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Learning opportunity typeMOOC
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Start date2022-01-13
End date2022-12-20
Workload in hours10
Admission procedureOpen to all
Price detailsFree registration and access to all materials + free open badge + paid credential (15€)
AssessmentsSelf-evaluation tests
Type of credentialMicrocredential
ISCEDF Code070 - Engineering, manufacturing and constructionn.f.d.
Education subjectNucelar safety
Learning settingsnon formal learning
Learning outcome typeKnowledges and skills
Learning outcome typeKnowledges and skills
Assessor typeSelf-evaluation
Assessment formatTest/ Quiz

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