Introduction to nuclear (Polimi Open Knowledge)

The study of static and dynamic properties of nuclei constitutes a first essential step in the comprehension and exploitation of Nuclear Science. Starting from the experimental evidence of radioactivity, the course will explore:

  • the physical and the random nature of radioactive decay and nuclear reactions;
  • the experimental methods and detector technologies to measure radiations produced by nuclear processes.

To better explore the topic, we will enter in POLIMI Labs to look at the working principles of the detectors employed in gamma-ray spectrometry. Also, we will see how nuclear reactions can be exploited to detect the presence of neutrons and to measure their energy.
Finally, we will see the main procedures used in radiochemistry to perform destructive analysis, useful When nuclei are hard to measure.


Nuclear processes and measurement for radiation detection.

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Start date2021-10-04
End date2022-09-25
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AssessmentsThe final grade for the course is based on the results from your responses to the quiz you’ll find in week 5 (which is devoted to the Final Quiz). You will successfully complete the course if you reach 60% (or more) of the total score of the Final Quiz by the end of the edition.
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