ECCOE Network

Membership of the ECCOE Network is open to any institution that endorses the project’s innovative goals, that is interested in contributing to our Online Catalogue of Learning Opportunities (OCLO), or using ECCOE tools such as the Model Credit Recognition Agreement (MCRA), or need to issue digital credentials using the ECCOE credential template now and/or in the future. Find below the short description of our existing members.

UAb-logo Established in 1988, Universidade Aberta (UAb) is the single public distance education university in Portugal. Due to its purpose, UAb uses comprehensively, in its teaching activities, the most advanced technologies and methods of Distance Learning, without geographical borders or physical barriers, and giving special emphasis to the expansion of the Portuguese language and culture within the Lusophone space (migrant communities and Portuguese-speaking countries).
In this context, UAb offers higher education anywhere in the world (Undergraduate, Master and Doctorate degrees) and Lifelong Learning study programs, including Microcredentials. Since 2008, all programs are taught in e-learning mode, the year that UAb became a European reference in the area of advanced e-learning and online learning through the recognition of its exclusive Virtual Pedagogical Model. The UAb has circa 10,000 students and 350 staff.
OpenVM was an Erasmus+ strategic partnership (2017-2020) dedicated to creating accessible opportunities for achievement of virtual mobility skills to ensure higher uptake of virtual mobility in higher education in Europe. Virtual Mobility (VM) has a great potential to contribute to the internationalisation, innovation and inclusion in higher education. The barriers to physical mobility of educators and students such as high costs, socio-economic, political and health-related issues, can be dramatically reduced by adding the virtual component to mobility and making mobility accessible to all.
OpenVM values the association with ECCOE in enabling continued visibility of the 24 Open Virtual Mobility mini-MOOCs via the ECCOE Learning Opportunities Catalogue. ECCOE also supported OpenVM through bespoke recommendations for improving Learning Opportunity descriptions.
eLene4Life was an Erasmus+ KA2 project (2018-2021) supporting curriculum innovation in higher education through the development of active learning approaches for soft skills, with the ultimate aim of improving students’ employability.

The main objectives of eLene4Life were to:

  • develop new innovative curricula and educational methods integrating active learning, at the same time addressing commonly encountered barriers such as large class sizes and physical spaces,
  • improve the relevance of HE curricula in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, through a focus on soft skills.

eLene4Life values the association with ECCOE in enabling continued visibility of the eLene4Life MOOC Active Learning for Soft Skills Development via the ECCOE Learning Opportunities Catalogue. ECCOE also supported eLene4Life in refining the learning outcomes of the MOOC to make explicit reference to ESCO skills.

The main purpose of the ECCOE Network is to:

  • discuss and test advancements in digital (micro-)credentialing
  • promote the use of the ECCOE outputs amongst innovative institutions
  • support a community of professionals wishing to utilise and improve these outputs and share their experiences.

Please note this is an informal network. Membership is aimed primarily at collaboration and does not imply either financial or legal obligations on the part of the member.

Why to join the network?

  • Network members are provided with tailored recommendations on how they could improve the quality of their course data.
  • By being registered in the ECCOE-System, network members can get easy access to MCRA samples and templates.
  • Network members will receive special technical assistance in converting their traditional credentials into digital formats using the ECCOE credential template.
  • Network members receive regular updates on ECCOE developments and are mentioned on the website and in any relevant press or other publicity campaigns.
  • Network members receive early invitations to consult about the future direction of development of ECCOE outputs such as the MCRA and ECCOE credential template.

If you want to join the ECCOE Network, please click here and fill in our application form.