MCRA tool frontpage

MCRA tool v1.1

[This version of the MCRA tool is available for experimentation only]

This tool will allow users to generate a Model Credit Recognition Agreement (MCRA) template for those Higher Education Institutions who wish to establish mutual agreements recognising and validating each other courses.

There is also a User guide to help users preparing the MCRA, which is also accessable from the option “Prepare your MCRA”.

The workflow proposed to create your MCRA is the following:

  • 1

    If your institution is not already registered here, include your institutional data related to the recognition and validation using the option “Add the data about your institution for the MCRA”

  • 2

    Include all the required information to generate your MCRA template as a pdf document using the option “Prepare your MCRA”.
    Please bear in mind you can´t use this option if you haven´t provide the system with the institutional data required in 1.

  • 3

    Review your existing MCRA template, modify it according to your specific needs or delete it from the system using the option “Manage your MCRAs”