Join the ECCOE open public consultation

Contribute to shaping the future of micro-credentials!

Review our proposed set of quality criteria for credential description as well as a Model of Digital Credential template providing the most important data about the learning opportunity to be recognised by a given credential. Are they appropriate for a valid and successful credentialisation process and the recognition of learning results at your own institution?

You are also invited to test our Model Credit Recognition Agreement (MCRA) tool and experiment with generating sample agreement templates between HEIs with a view to recognising and validating courses between your institution and other HEIs.

If you are familiar with the concept of digital credentialisation, and associated standard vocabularies, neither of these activities should take longer than 30 minutes to complete, although the actual time spent on feedback provision may depend on the type and level of detail you want to give.

Our public consultation is open until 1 February 2021.