Spanish ECCOE Multiplier Event: Digital micro-credentials. A solution with a vision for tomorrow’s educational needs

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6th partner meeting in Paris

The ECCOE project recently held the ‘final’ face to face partner meeting on May 3rd and 4rd in Paris. Rather than wait until the end of the project for such a meeting, we decided to organise it in quick succession after the Madrid meeting to build on the dynamics and fine tune the last actions before the project comes to an end in August 2022.

The meeting was hosted by AUNEGe, the project coordinator, in our offices just off the Champs Elysée. The weather was kind to us, and partners enjoyed the “Paris in Springtime” experience, as well as concentrating hard on the tasks at hand. After the traditional budget and spending overview, we set ourselves down to identify the added value we could bring to each of our promised outputs, and also refined our quarterly planning to ensure that no task, however small, gets forgotten in these final months of the project.

The most satisfying activity (apart from the project dinner!) was the ‘Shut Up and Write’ session to work on our series of ‘How to’ guides. These will soon be integrated in the ECCOE-system and will help different stakeholders understand not only how the different ECCOE outputs can be implemented, but also the wider issues around digital micro-credentialing. Look out for the announcement of their publication shortly!

Even though this will sadly be the last time we see each other face to face as part of the ECCOE project, our online meetings continue, as do our asynchronous communication and collaboration, and our outreach activities such as Multiplier Events and conference presentations. Busy times ahead, but with much satisfaction in contributing, as we are doing, to taking forward the field of digital micro-credentialing in Europe.