Open Educational Resources

The aim of this course is to analyze open educational resource initiatives in Europe and the world, to be able to locate, create, use and re-use OER in TEL and teaching process, assessing the quality, openness and possibilities to use OER in education.

Managing changes

Recognize and describe the main dynamics related to specific moments of change, both at personal and professional level Alter one’s attitude or behaviour to accommodate modifications in the workplace (A1.1 ESCO – attitude)

Handle challenges, disruption and change and recover from set-backs and adversity (A1.4 ESCO – attitude)

Tolerate and work constructively within unexpected and unpredictable situations (A1.5 ESCO – attitude)

Show a positive attitude towards new and challenging demands that can only be met via lifelong learning (A1.8 ESCO – attitude)

Engage with others according to the normal customs and expectations of contemporary social behaviour, appropriate to the context (A2.2.0 ESCO)

Professional collaboration

Participants of this course will be able to: understand concepts important for virtual communication and virtual collaboration, know the components and skills needed to communicate and collaborate successfully, improve your own virtual collaboration and communication and how to overcome existing challenges, use digital tools for virtual communication and collaboration, recognise virtual communication and collaboration as vital competencies and look to share these with others, Overall, the course goal is also to make learning applicable to the business world and fun!

English B1 Level Language- Learning outcome

To understand the different components of English B1 Level Language test.

Knowledges: – Learn the different components of the English B1 level exam. – Learn about the assessment and marking criteria.

Skills: – Learn strategies and tips to help students succeed in the test. – Practise written and oral English collaboratively, creating a learning community in which peer feedback is encouraged.

Competences (how to prepare them efficiently): – Reading (ESCO Description: understand written English) – Writing (ESCO Description: write English) – Listening (ESCO Description: understand spoken English) – Speaking (ESCO Description: communicate in English in a competent way)